Why was My Trash or Recycling not collected?
Newton Residents-- City of Newton and Kellogg allow 1 35 gallon 0r 3- 60 gallon trash bags , 1 Contractor Size or 7 White Kitchen bags per week, none of these can exceed 65 lbs total. anything beyond what is listed or exceeds the weight limit will not  be removed. Non recycle materials are placed in the bin that requires sorting, bin will be left until resident has  corrected- see what is accepted in recycling totes on recycling tabs.
Where do I take plastic bags to be recycled?
Plastic bags are accepted at local grocery stores.  They are not accepted in recycling, due to them getting tangled up and damage the sorting equipment at the recycling processor. TIP: Ask for paper bags, at the grocery store which are accepted in recycling or use reusable bags and boxes.
Does the three chasing arrows symbol mean something is recyclable?  Unfortunately, this symbol is not regulated, so it can go on any product regardless of whether is truly can be recycled in this program.
If I can recycle #1 or #2 bottles, why can't all #1 and #2 be recycled?
Plastic bottles, tubs and other containers can very in consistency after they are melted-even if they are labeled with the same number. Dodd's accepts plastic bottles with twist-off lids,because there is a strong, identified market. When to many unacceptable plastics are placed in the containers, it contaminates the desired materials for reuse and disrupts the sorting process. Tip: Simply recycle plastics with twist-off lids.
What is a Roll off versus a dumpster?
Roll offs --Large/Huge containers typically seen at construction or roofing projectsRoll offs do not have lids or rolling wheels that allow individuals to move and push around. Typically 22 to 24 foot long and 8 feet wide-- sides get taller which allows more cubic yards. 
Dumpster are containers typically seen around the rear or businesses or resturants-- sizes are 2 yd with 2 lids 4 wheels easily moved- 3 yd 3 lids 4-6 bins have lids to match yds with no wheels, 8 yd no wheels nor lids. 
How do I get My Extra trash, junk, furniture,yard waste etc. removed?
At Dodd's we consider that an extra--Extras are pre-arranged- typically completed after Monday thru Friday AM.  Dodd's will not accept more than 3 pick up loads per trip-more than 3 means more trips or a roll off which the customers reserves and loads. Cost is determined by weight--To avoid City citations--pre-arrange the removal and the amount placed on the curb to avoid any nuisance violation.  Dodd's will collect up to 1 full size pick up load of brush- Larger amounts of brush- requires tree service. 

Common Questions