Roll off Guidelines

When renting a roll off from Dodd’s Trash Hauling and Recycling, Inc. please read and follow the following.

Roll offs are rented for a one week (7 day) period
Unless other time lines have been established. 
For the pre-determined price, which will has been discussed upon reservation-                      Roll off includes up to 2 tons (4000lbs) materials - is expected on or before delivery- when exceeding the 2 ton pre payment a bill for the remaining will be provided once the landfill ticket is provided from the City of Newton Landfill or area landfill when it differs from the City of Newton. 
the City of Newton Landfill Fee—currently $53.00 per ton(2000LBS).  
All customers are required to call 641-791-9195 when finished with the roll off—please allow at least 24 hours notice for removal. 
Once you have called in for removal your rental time is stopped. There may be occasions due to busy schedule that your bin may not be removed immediately—you will be added to the list and removal will be completed to first come first served. You will not be charged for this wait time.

Below are the items that can be collected in the Roll Off but not co-mingles (mixed together) There are substantial cost involved when landfill employees remove unaccepted items-- that is You the customer cost due to improper loading. 
If you are unclear on any of the following, please call for clarification.

Loads of either -- The following 4 items can not be co mingles while in roll off containers.
3.Yard Waste/Brush

Roll offs should be placed on flat surfaces. With easy access in all type of weather conditions. No tree limbs or wire should be near the location—due to the height to load and re load the bin that is required. If placed on cement, cement must be worthy of a Heavy truck--  Dodd’s will not be responsible for customer placement decisions or any damages.