ROLL OFF                                                                               Typically used for roofing, remodeling - commonly seen on Construction Sites
They very in size- typically 22 to 24 foot long-- 8 foot wide-- taller the sides the more cubic yards the container will hold (see below) -- Dodd's roll off pricing is the same no matter what size is delivered-- first available will be delivered unless a specific size is required.   Different styles available upon request.   Scheduling in advance is highly recommended.                                                     
All Loads must be tarpable- and not exceed Iowa Department of Transportation-- no more than                     10 Tons per load-- Over loading required unloading --see below what not to do
Dodd's Terminology for dumspter sizes below is                                                                                    ROLL OFF'S-- Dumpsters are shown on tabs below this page                       
Placement for roll offs must be on a flat service-- where no wires or tree limbs will obstruct on the top of a large truck, if on or near concrete/cement/black top-- those surfaces must be worthy of a heavy truck Dodd's will not be responsible for any damages once delivered upon customer request.