2018 1st Quarter Dodd's Trash/Recycling Collection Calendars

Please note -- during All Holidays-- collection may not be  typically-- extra drivers and crews--  will not always arrive at the normal time you are fimilar with and may not be aware of all special collection expections per household-

​​​​​​​To all City of Newton and Private/Rural Customers 

We understand that with the recent holiday-- everyone is maxed out with trash and recycling-- We are sorry for any inconvenience the below causes with that quantity-- 

​Fridge Weather Collection 
This is a tough but necessary decision 
​​Please note to all City of Newton and Private/Rural Customer-- The Fridge temperature predicted is very concerning for the safety of our Employees -- equipment is not 100% during this type of weather- and we do not want them stranded. -- our goal is to provide each and everyone of our customers the service they request and deserve- Hopefully we can meet our goal-- please be aware we'll do that best we can as soon as we can. SAFETY FIRST 

​​​New  Years Week 201​​​​8
​City of Newton Residents will be collected one day late between the Dates of Jan 2 and Jan 5, weather permitting  Christmas Trees for those same residents during the same dates 

Private Rural

​Private/ Rural Customers--  we will follow the same decision for fridge weather we do for non- passable roads-- if we can't  arrive for collection we will take double the following week-- as stated above-- We won't risk our crews safety -- 
​All Private or Rural Customers-- Weather permitting
​Oakland Acres and NE Jasper County who receive collection Monday after 2 PM-- will occur on  Monday Jan 1, 2018 
​ALL private or Rural Customer -- weather permitting that are typically collected Monday AM-- service will resume Tuesday Jan 2, Tuesday thru Friday Private of Rural Customers please place on your given day-- our goal it to start Tuesday AM and have Tuesday and Wednesday completed by no later than Wed pm  weather permitting- so no customer after Monday should place there items out a day late-