Dodd's Trash/Recycling Collection Calendars

Please note -- during All Holidays-- collection may not be  typically-- extra drivers and crews--  will not always arrive at the normal time you are fimilar with and may not be aware of all special collection expections per household-

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Holiday 2023
Holiday Collection Schedule for the Week of Nov 20 to Nov 25
All City of Newton, City of Kellogg, City Of Lambs Grove, City of Oakland Acres, City of Reasnor Place out like normal on Sunday PM Nov 19 - Monday PM Nov 20 and Tuesday PM Nov 21
Rural Customer like normal 
Monday 11-20 - Tuesday 11-21 - Wednesday 11-22
Thurs Rural Customer will be collected a Day earlier on Wed 11-22 place out early as multiple crews will be doing collection.
Wed City of Newton Trash and Recycling will move from Wed PM to Thursday PM-- Wed PM Those crews will be off Thanksgiving Eve-- Yes they will be working Thanksgiving PM. Be Prepared Thursday into Friday - crew may arrival earlier than normal as not all residents place their items out for collection some holidays. Truck gets through the route quicker. 
Commercial Customer collection will be as close to normal as possible.  
Thank You for you consideration on these collection times
Happy Thanksgiving. From everyone at Dodd's
City of Newton- Trash and Recycling.
Thursday Jasper County Rural Customers
Collection will be one day EARLY Wed. Nov. 22 

Following Dates 
Monday Dec 25, 2023 Christmas 
Monday Jan 1, 2024 New Years 
Landfill Closed-- City of Newton Residents delayed one day for those two weeks- 
Kellogg Customer- Oakland Acres- Yet to be announced.
Rural Monday one day late-
all other rural customers to insure collection holiday weeks- place out on normal collection day-- knowing the crews will resume service early Tuesday on AM with Monday's route and will continue to work through into Tuesday and so on each day during allowable Landfill hours.  You service will be delayed by hours maybe even pushed to next day-- placing out and be patient on holiday weeks is highly recommended.