Dodd's Trash/Recycling Collection Calendars

Please note -- during All Holidays-- collection may not be  typically-- extra drivers and crews--  will not always arrive at the normal time you are fimilar with and may not be aware of all special collection expections per household-

 with no unexpected weather delays- 
Holiday Schedule- - 
Christmas Dec 25- to Dec. 29 2023 
New Year Jan 1 to Jan 5 2024 
City of Newton Recycling and Trash collection - place out one day later than Normal-
 Sunday PM moves to Monday PM
Monday PM moves to Tuesday PM 
Tuesday PM moves to Wed PM
Wed PM moves to Thursday PM 
Non - City of Newton Residents
Reasnor Trash Collection will occur on Tuesday
Reasnor Recycling will be Tuesday PM instead of Sunday PM 
Oakland Acres Trash will be Tuesday AM 
Oakland Acres Recycling Tuesday PM 
Kellogg Trash will be Tuesday AM -
Kellogg Recycling will be Tuesday PM
Lambs Grove Place out Tuesday like normal- crews will arrive asap to make collection please be patient our arrival time could be affected. Collection will happen. 
Rural Customer Monday service will resume on Tuesday- All other days put out like normal, knowing we will arrive asap. Only Monday is designed to be a day late- the rest of the week we continue on list with everyone collection completed asap by no later Thursday. weather permitting. 
There is no limit on the number of accepted recycling containers- by recycling you can better achieve the allowed CITY OF NEWTON TRASH ALLOWED LIMITS NOT ALLOWED in Recycling- plastic bags or Styrofoam  
  CITY OF NEWTON trash allowed per week NO MORE THAN 65LB TOTAL 
3 black bags 
or 7 white kitchen bags 
(placing bags on curb- save wear and tear on cans)
1 can- no larger than 54 gallons will be lifted to be emptied- (City of Newton Ordinances state 35 gallon allowed we are being helpful lifting up to 54 gallon) anything larger container- only the allowed number of bags will be removed. 
Extra bags of trash- must be Tagged with City of Newton tags purchased at curtsey counter at local grocery stores. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 
Everyone at Dodd's Trash Hauling and Recycling, Inc.​​​​​​