2018 1st Quarter Dodd's Trash/Recycling Collection Calendars

Please note -- during All Holidays-- collection may not be  typically-- extra drivers and crews--  will not always arrive at the normal time you are fimilar with and may not be aware of all special collection expections per household-

​​​​​​​To all City of Newton and Private/Rural Customers 

We understand that with the recent holiday-- everyone is maxed out with trash and recycling-- We are sorry for any inconvenience the below causes with that quantity-- 

​Fridge Weather Collection 
This is a tough but necessary decision 
​​Please note to all City of Newton and Private/Rural Customer-- The Fridge temperature predicted is very concerning for the safety of our Employees -- equipment is not 100% during this type of weather- and we do not want them stranded. -- our goal is to provide each and everyone of our customers the service they request and deserve- Hopefully we can meet our goal-- please be aware we'll do that best we can as soon as we can. SAFETY FIRST 

The following dates recycling will be collected the evening of the holiday trash will be the following day for the remainer of the week-- 
Monday Sept 3 --Kellogg, Oakland Acres, Lambs Grove on normal schedule-- NO delay in service on Labor Day
Thursday Nov 22 Thanksgiving Wed. PM Recycling on Thursday Nov 22 PM 
Tuesday Dec 25 Christmas and Tuesday Jan 1, 2019 New Years Day Monday PM recycling collected Tuesday Dec 25 and Jan 1 2019 

​Private/ Rural Customers--  we will follow the same decision for fridge weather we do for non- passable roads-- if we can't  arrive for collection we will take double the following week-- as stated above-- We won't risk our crews safety -- 
​All Private or Rural Customers-- Weather permitting
​Oakland Acres and NE Jasper County who receive collection Monday after 2 PM-- like normal on all holidays