Dodd's Trash Hauling and Recycling, Inc.

Hours of Operation
Commercial Customers 7 days per week depending on desired service level 

Recycling Center 2910 W 4th ST S  -- drop off location open 24 x 7  

City of Newton Collection times
To  insure collection of your trash and recycling--Please place your materials on the curb by 9PM.
TRASH- LEAF BAGS- RECYCLING  collection hours start at 9PM and weather permitting should always be collected by Noon the following day. -- Essentially we have been operating these hours, to become compliance with the City Contract the City Council has graciously revised the contract to allow us to continue operations as is. Please continue to recycle- there is and has been a fee to get recyclables handled for quite some time--the fee is substantially lower than landfill cost—bottom line it’s always wise to recyclable materials that can be useable, versus digging a hole and leaving it there for generations to come. Thank You for your understanding of this change—and your continued recycling efforts. It's the right thing to do!

Kellogg Collection Time-- Monday 7PM trash and recycling collection - including Monday holidays unless otherwise announced.

Lambs Grove Collection Times-- Tuesday 630PM 

Private/ Rural Customers-- 
                     Monday Eastern and  South East Jasper County
                     Tuesday North East Jasper County and Country Club Acres 
                     Wednesday North West Jasper County
                     Thursday South West Jasper County and portion of Newton Private Residents 
                     Friday Newton Private Residents