How do I get My Extra trash, junk, furniture,yard waste etc. removed?
At Dodd's we consider that an extra--Extras are pre-arranged- typically completed after   NON  Sunday through Thursday. Dodd's will not accept more than 3 pick up loads per trip-    more than 3 means more trips as pre arranged in advance or a roll off which the customers reserves and loads. Cost is determined by weight--To avoid City citations--pre-arrange the removal and the amount placed on the curb to avoid any nuisance violation. Large amounts of brush- requires tree service. 

NO removal of this type is collection with your normal trash on your trash day--  all extra removals pricing depends on weight. 

All materials must be placed where a large truck can access easily-- where there are no wires or tree limbs that will obstruct on the top of the truck-- If on a cement driveway the driveway must be worthy of a heavy truck-- Dodd's will not be responsible for any and all driveways.