Where to begin-- not even sure what to say-- to make a point that hopefully will make a difference-- Someone took it upon themselves-- to go to a local day care and drop off mattress box spring and general junk-- guess they thought it was better than a ditch somewhere-- this happens frequently all over town-- One person making someone else responsible for their junk/solid waste-- that someone else become us here at Dodd's, not the location of where they dropped it-- as we cover the weight at the landfill for our customer, their rates don't include this kind of added disposal-- Do we need a deposit on any and everything so people will be responsible for their own items-- to get a return on their dollar-- We provide a service 4 days per week-- at a reasonable rate to haul such items-- or the City of Newton Landfill has a convenience center now that-- makes it easy for those that so choose to back up and drop easily-- very little hassle-- Please people-- don't burden local business with this type of behavior-- small business want a clean and neat appearance on their property-- and arriving to work to find rude behavior just starts their day with a major disappointment- Please be kind, loyal, responsible and trustworthy as you move through each day-- don't be a burden to others--