About Us!
1966-1967 --The late --Lloyd C. Dodd  a Maytag retiree and farmer. Along with his wife Peggy, parents of 5, and a pick up truck-- started private trash collection for residents in and near Newton, Iowa. 
Over the past 55 years the pick up truck turned in to a fleet of 18  trucks, and their sons Doug, David, and grandsons Jeff and Eric  joined the ever growing business, that to date offers -- City wide trash/recycling collection if Newton, Kellogg, Lamb Grove and Oakland Acres. Commercial and  Private Rural trash and recycling service covering Jasper County-- as well as Roll off Service through out Central Iowa. 
Lloyd's working spirit, is a legacy to his wife and children and a very success business partner to many through out aforementioned area. 

About Us
For the Beauty of the Earth-- 
April 2, 1990--
Dave Dodd watched The 20th Anniversary Earth Day Special-- that Earth Day Special really resonated with him-- viewing his life and work as trash hauler-- he knew that as stewards of this earth-- He and his family business must change to help preserve the Beauty of the Earth. 
That day marks the beginning or a long and interesting journey that brings us on 4-2022   to the 32th Anniversary of Dodd's Recycling, 
Everyone one that has joined in the effort we Thank You!!!! What may to some seem, as worthless or baby steps-- those steps in numbers have saved thousands and thousands of cubic yards landfilled space -thousands and thousands of trees being chopped down along with significiant amounts of water, oil, and electricity being wasted-- each of you have helped to make a HUGE difference at so many levels-- Over those 32 years-- the simple act of tossing your materials either a recycling bin or a trash can has evolued dramatically -- what took some effort to clean-sort and seperate so long ago-- is now so user friendly and a simple way of life-- If you recycle please feel proud of your efforts. For those that haven't taken those steps yet-- it can't get much easier-- two containers side by side creates a split second decision of where to drop your waste-a decision that will impact our environment for decades.
Dodd's Trash Hauling and Recycling, Inc.